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16 times fast food peaked in 2015

What a year.

1. 2015 started with KFC selling a hot dog wrapped in fried chicken


It was a new dawn, a new day.

2. Not to be outdone, February saw a bacon-wrapped pizza too

ht_little_caesars_bacon_1_kb_150219_16x9_992 Source: Zenfs

Little Caesars leading the way on this front in the US. Trend setters.

3. When Ireland lost the run of itself in March because McDonald’s gave away a free breakfast

Queues were out the door.

4. The spice bag was discovered by the people of Ireland in April

It was around before, but it reached its tipping point in 2015. Nothing has been the same since.

5. Burger King’s chicken fries arrived on our shores

Chicken… + fries = heaven in June. A true summer romance.

6. The deep fried Big Mac became a rogue reality this year

deepfried Source: peepmysnacks

Of course, it wasn’t served up in an actual McDonald’s. But the possibility for a DIY one had never crossed our minds before. 2015 was a brave new world.

7. We also sampled the deep friend Mars bar – available in a very select few chippers around the country


8. KFC were back at the cutting edge in July, with this pizza/chicken wing creation

9. When Burger King asked McDonald’s to help them create the McWhopper to celebrate world peace

mcwhoppe Source: Burger King

Ah, fast food bringing the world together in August.

10. People discovered the McDonald’s secret menu existed

secret Source: r/menuhacker

The things you can make.

11. This girl’s genius way of carrying McD’s was invented this year

download Source: Jessica Stoll

Sign her up, McDonald’s!

12. When In-N-Out Burger hit Dublin like a hurricane

couplescover2 Source: Instagram

A four hour long hurricane in September.

13. And there was talk that somebody paid €50 for the privilege of going inside

They were good, but probably not THAT good.

14. When Eddie Rockets announced that they are heading into petrol stations around the country


Accessible Eddie - they’re planning on being in 40 around the country, and they’ve already got going.

15. When Burger King introduced the famous black burger for Halloween


But it quite literally backfired on them. Ahem.

16. And finally… Ireland’s biggest pizza was introduced to a menu in a Dublin pizzeria

pizza -1 Source: Youtube.com

Just the 32 inches, nothing to worry about.

What will 2016 hold in this cutting edge sector of the food industry that we love so much? We can’t wait.


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