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This gif will challenge everything you know about tying your shoelaces


tyingshoes Source: Wikimedia

HAVE YOU THOUGHT much recently about how you tie your shoes? You’re about to.

As children, we were taught the ‘bunny ears’ method, or the ‘loop, swoop, and pull’ mantra, as demonstrated by Adam Sandler in the film Big Daddy.

loopswooppull Source: YouTube

But what if that’s not the best way? What if there’s more to lacing?

This gif of a super-fast lace up is going viral on Imgur this morning after being posted by user fuzzydustmite, and it’s making everyone question all they’ve ever known.

AMO2aVv Source: Imgur

“Wh-what? Where are the bunny ears?” we hear you cry. Well, there are none, folks. This is the hardcore way to tie your shoes.

For those of you not already in the know, the technique is known as the Ian Knot, and it’s thought to be the fastest way to tie your shoelaces. Here it is demonstrated by a nice man called Yasin Ikram:

Source: Yasin Ikram/YouTube

So you swish one lace around our index finger, and swish the other in the opposite direction, and pull on the…

Ah, sod it all. We’re going back to Velcro.

Photo by brandhousedirect Source: PhotoBucket

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