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9 reasons why fatman pants are an essential item in every Irish person's wardrobe


LOOK IN MOST Irish people’s wardrobes and you will discover a pair of pants that are strictly for comfort. These are fatman pants.

They are an essential clothing item for most, yet they never get the love they deserve. But we appreciate you, fatman pants. We really do.

1. They’re technically normal men’s tracksuit bottoms, just bought a few sizes up


Preferably grey, but we won’t judge.

2. But they hold a deeper symbolic meaning for the young people of Ireland

Men and women love fatman pants equally.

3. Donning a pair of fatman pants means you’re not moving from the couch for the night

Nothing better than it after a long, long day.

4. It means you’re about to do some serious eating

Bliss xxx #roses #fattie #fatmanpants #fire #happy

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5. And that you require maximum comfort

Chilling 😎😎 #lazy #loveit #tea #cold #slippers #l4l #like4like #f4f #follow4follow

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6. They are your only man when you’re dealing with period cramps

#Autumn #October #ColourfulLeavesEverywhere #UggSeason #CosyClothes #FatManPants #FavouriteTimeOfYear 🍂🍁🍃☕️

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7. Or after a night on the lash

Can't take them anywhere #chickenfilletroll

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8. There is a sense of shame about wearing them outside the house

So many people denying themselves true joy.

9. But there’s no need to be ashamed. We’ve all been there, and we will be there again

Fatman solidarity.

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