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14 fears anyone who did the Irish oral will relate to

Oh, the flashbacks!

THIS WEEK, LEAVING Cert students across the country are gearing up for their Irish Oral tests.

You’re already getting flashbacks to these exact Irish Oral nightmares, aren’t you?

1. There was the fear that you might accidentally reveal hidden truths about yourself

Is é An Scrúdú Cainte a bhfuil i gceist inniu Source: Instagram/spoonastudies

2. Or ask your examiner something inappropriate out of sheer panic

3. Having to tell straight up lies because you couldn’t think of anything else to say

#irishoral #lastbitofstudy #beoveralready Source: Instagram/janineh91

4. Swearing by accident, then not being able to stop swearing

5. Or mixing up the worst words possible

Tomorrow #irishoral #gaeilge #leavingcert #deadly #craic Source: Instagram/hazel_ruth

‘Striapach’ =/= ‘straidhpeach’.

6. Speaking Spanish/French/German instead of Irish

7. Saying ‘agus’ when you really had nothing more to add, and trailing off awkwardly

Suppose I better start now :) #schoolwork #Gaeilge #IrishOral #JuniorCert Source: Instagram/sarahcoffey93

8. Accidentally badmouthing yourself or somebody else thanks to your poor language skills

9. Accidentally incriminating yourself or someone else thanks to your poor language skills

I could always try flirting with the examiner.. #irishoral Source: Instagram/franrussell96

10. Literally messing with the rules of time

11. Not getting your favourite sraith pictiúr and freaking out

When you get as far as sraith pictiúr 19 and realise Michael D needs a makeover Source: Instagram/shanbyrne99

12. No seriously, feck sraith pictiúr

Slán go foil Source: Instagram/ciarajoinerx

13. Accidentally admitting something mortifying

14. And the biggest, most chill-inducing fear: that you’d have to repeat it all next year

The relief! Source: Instagram/jxssica_x_

Nightmares. For the rest of your life.

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