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#FirstDateSelfies are an actual trend on Instagram

Would you take one?

INSTAGRAM USERS ARE taking selfies on their first dates, and posting them under the hashtag #firstdateselfie.

"My cutie of a date. First date, no jittes. Went way too well." Source: rmuller32

The hashtag first appeared in 2013, but really took off in December last year.

Source: tiialicia

Some users use the hashtag to reminisce about their first dates with their long-term partners. But many are actual current photos from first dates as they happen.

Considering how difficult first dates are anyway, all these people are looking pretty great.

"First date at the zoo with this pretty little number....the only place that could handle me" Source: sobocana2

Even in bed.

"#firstdateselfie ... Yeah I always get them in bed on the first date ;) bam!" Source: mjmammone

Would you post a #firstdateselfie?

Poll Results:

I'd rather be slowly impaled on a broken champagne flute (813)
Sure, why not? (74)

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