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A guy brought his own cutlery on First Dates Ireland and everyone was like YE WHAT

It’s a germ thing!

LAST NIGHT BROUGHT another enjoyable episode of First Dates Ireland, as well as a bit of a First Dates, erm, first.

wesandsunil Source: RTÉ Player

Wes from Ballymun was paired up with Lady Gaga superfan Sunil, and they initially got on like a house on fire.

Then, when it was time for the food, Wes did something we haven’t seen on the show before – pulled out his own cutlery. Yep, he had a knife and fork wrapped in a little napkin in his pocket.

wescutlery Source: RTÉ Player

Sunil was… confused.

sunil2 Source: RTÉ Player

Wes: My mam was like “Are you taking that cutlery? You better bring it home!” *laughs heartily*
Sunil: …Yeah.

Don’t worry though, he can explain! It’s a germ thing:

I have a bad habit of doing this. I carry my own hand sanitiser and I hate when people sneeze.

The viewers at home weren’t convinced, however.

baz brock Source: Twitter/@Bazzyb85

Despite the awkward first impression, Wes endeared himself to some viewers (and shocked others) by giving precisely zero f**ks:

i'm a cunt Source: RTÉ Player

shook Source: Twitter/Roisin

misconception Source: Twitter/Gina

At the end of the date, both ‘cutlery boys’ said they’d like to meet each other again – even though they agreed that Sunil had “no idea what he was in for” with Wes. LOL.

He seems to be well able for him, though:

wessunui Source: RTÉ Player

Sunil also revealed on Twitter that the pair ‘ate each other’s faces’ in Pantibar later that evening. GO ON THE LADS.

sunil Source: Twitter/@Sunil_Gangarh

We do love when it all works out in the end. Ah First Dates, you never fail to entertain <3

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