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8 fitness Instagram accounts that aren't run by complete melts

Less #gains, more #goals.

Disclaimer: You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting any fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs.

1. Josh Quinn Fitness (@joshquinnfitness)

Josh provides some much needed respite for Instagram feeds the world over. Is he a real personal trainer? Is it a parody account? Reader, I’d rather not know for sure. His ‘sponsored content’ is well worth a look …

Not to mention his ‘before and after’ client pictures!

Just wanna give a big shout out to one of my former #clients who's having a big week this week and has an inspiring story to tell... James was a member of the famed Billie Barry Stage School as a child 👶 and was tipped for big things growing up. Starring roles in "Oliver Twist", "Bugsy Malone" and "A Christmas Carol" meant he had the world 🌎 at his feet at the age of 8. But like many child stars ✨ before him it turned out to be #toomuchtoosoon He fell in with the wrong crowd and started experimenting with alcohol 🍺 and the pinky coloured Calpol cough mixture... He was fired from his role as Jack in "Jack & The Beanstalk" soon after. Then the phone stopped ringing when people heard what was going on - word travels fast in #showbusiness. That's when James really fell off the wagon 🚃 and found himself in a spiral of chaos and self-destruction for nearly 20 years. The pic above is actually the best one he could find from that period... that's how bad it was. But then he found #fitness 💪and with it a purpose to live again, and he's now a qualified #personaltrainer in his own right with brands queuing up to do #collabs with him 🤝 This weekend James travels to Madrid where he'll be modelling the all-new line of apparel from Spanish athletic giant SEÑOR SHRED 🇪🇸 And so he's back where he truly belongs: the stage 🎭 Best of luck with it all James 💪⭐️☄️📸#transformation #inspiration #childstar #billiebarrykids #stageschool #calpol #addiction #olivertwist #bugsymalone #fitnessmodel #collaboration #senorshred #madrid #apparel #influencer #startup #personaltrainer #pt #joshquinnfitness #jqfitnessfam #gym #dublin #ireland

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2. Shona Vertue (@shona_vertue)

Shona Vertue is a qualified yoga teacher and personal trainer. If you follow her, you’ll get a heady mix of everything, from super speedy and easy recipes to yoga sequences to at-home workouts.

BIG FRIDAY | Just finished a well needed meditation session to prep me for a big day ahead. I’ve got a busy day of PT sessions and exciting events including an Instagram live Q&A with Mr. @gordongram Ramsay (not 100% sure of the start time but it’s looking to be between 11-12pm) and a Yoga class at 4pm at @youtube for @thebodycoach 🧘🏾‍♀️ ALSO - I haven’t forgotten that I owe you a Newsletter so I will have to sit down and squeeze that bad boy in somewhere too (see I didn’t forget). Busy also? MEDITATE! While It might seem counter productive to sit still when you’re Busy AF, I assure you it will help the brain consolidate and organise - give yourself 5 minutes, close your eyes and breathe... then set that pony tail HIGH and get on with it! #vertuecrew #vertuemethod #dailymeds

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While she’s all about lifting heavy sh*t and being strong, the best thing about Shona’s account is her focus on wellness through stretching and meditation. Some fitstagrams can be very aggro – not this gal though.

FAKE NEWS - this is not my current situation. I've just been so deep in a tech vortex trying to edit this handstand press video for y'all so I can hit PUBLISH tomorrow. Chances are it's going to go live Sunday so save some space in el diario for more flexible hamstrings, stronger shoulders and a badass core - because this sequence will work all dat (and more). I'm now in a bath with anti-bacterial Clove oil, soothing lavender oil, too much magnesium (imma literally pass out soon - did you know that you can absorb Mag through the skin as well as the stomach?) And coconut oil (because my Fijian skin is not suited to this weather). I'm not really sure how to end this post... if this was in real life, this awkwardness I'm feeling would be the equivalent of speaking the abovd words and then slowly backing out the room while staring at you. Awkward.com 👾 #vertuemethod #vertuecrew

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3. Bret Contreras (@bret_contreras1)

Bret has 20+ years experience as a personal trainer, as well as a PhD in sports science. This is a guy who knows what he’s talking about. He’s been nicknamed The Glute Guy because he is an expert on all things ass.

If it’s a Kardashian booty you seek, his Instagram will provide you with lots of tips and tricks.

4. Rosemary Mac Cabe (@rosemarymaccabe)

You might not agree with her on everything, but it cannot be denied that blogger-turned-personal trainer Rosemary has a great attitude when it comes to exercise and body image.

With the growth of the fitness industry, there’s more pressure than ever to look a certain way and do a certain amount of exercise. Rosemary always looks to promote the positive aspects of exercise beyond the effect it has on our weight, while also taking the guilt away.

5. Rozanna Purcell (@rozannapurcell)

Rozanna loves all kinds of exercise, so there’ll be something here for everyone. She’s also made for cooking (and eating!) so expect plenty of healthy (and not so healthy!) recipes to be shared along the way.

Roz does it because she wants to and doesn’t bang on about it.

6. Metabolic Fitness (@metabolicfitness)

These are the gang that Roz trains with a good bit. Based in Dublin, they primarily post workouts and occasionally nutritional advice.

Oh, and dogs.

7. Steffan Fusco (@steffanfuscopt)

Steffan loves HIIT workouts and good food. He’s responsible for training model Thalia Heffernan (and appears to be doing a good job at that).

He also drops some truth bombs surrounding some current diet myths doing the rounds, such as the obsession with cutting carbs. (Newsflash – it doesn’t work long term fam!)

Going high fat to drop body fat?? —————————————- Tonnes of people are running around trying to get their cut in for the inevitable summer months 🙈. Most people’s go to at the moment seems to be to “cut the bread out”. For most this means cutting carbs. —————————————- Now this may work initially as storing carbs in our body as glycogen requires us to suspend them in water. Low glycogen stores means a massive drop in water weight. This does not equal a drop in body fat. ————————————- Another thing that happens is people cut out this whole macro nutrient and don’t replace that energy supply with another energy source. This means they have put themselves into a massive calorie deficit. Now let’s think about that. —————————————- Instead of the fact they’re not taking in the carbs is it actually the increase in the calorie deficit that has spurred the drop in weight?! The answer..... HELL YES! ————————————— Are there benefits to cutting carbs for some people... yes. But different people have different requirements. It’s important to learn your requirements and what works well for you!

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8. Food Flicker (@foodflicker_official)

You won’t get much in the way of sweaty sessions with this account, but you will get really simple food recipes that are nutritionally sound.

Daniel Davey is also extremely calming to watch on Insta Stories.

DailyEdge is on Instagram!

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