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12 times Foil Arms and Hog perfectly skewered Irish people

They just get it so right.

FOIL ARMS AND Hog are internet sensations.


Yes, they can quote us on that.

Their sketches over the past few years could almost be put into a time capsule to perfectly preserve what it meant to be Irish in 2016. Here’s just a few annoying people they summed up.

1. Your mate who went off travelling for a year and now thinks he’s a buddha or something

Yeah mate, leave it out, capitalism is bad etc.


You went to San Francisco and got pissed for three weeks, leave it out.

2. That health freak and blatant alcoholic in your office

You hit the pub after work, while they hit the pavement in their gym gear.


Do you jog around at 4am on a Sunday morning, or do you run to the offo at 9.51 on a Saturday?

3. The shit cook

How are you actually supposed to open this salmon? Seriously. We all know one of these cooks.


4. The annoying Christmas colleagues

WHY AREN’T YOU WORKING? Ask my arse, Dianne.


5. The guy who literally lives for the weekend

This person hates the week, and can’t wait for the weekend from 9am Monday until 5pm Friday.


He’s only brain dead, which means he should be able to perform most of his office day-today duties.

6. The craft beer knob

You know the type. The one that keeps dragging you to hipster joints and insists the beer you drink tastes like piss. Actual piss.



7. The crappy local nightclub

OK not a person, but every town in every county has one. SIXTEEN FLOORS AND 180 BOUNCERS, 17 DJS AND ONE BARMAN.

8. The Irish lad on the J1

The one that thinks he can tell American birds any old shite and he’ll get the shift.



9. The holiday rusher

Basically, before going on their holidays, ever Irish person has to check the locks at least a dozen times


Leave the light on, not that one, the other one.

10. Politicians

Politicians would say absolutely anything to get elected. Even agreeing with COMPLETELY OPPOSITE STATEMENTS.

11. The festival knob

The one that hasn’t heard of a single band playing a festival but feels the need to go, just to be seen? Do they wear their wristband for months after?


Sure, mate.

12. And the overly-literal guy

Go way. C’mere to me. What’s the story?

Don’t actually tell me a story.

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