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8 beloved snacks that changed for the worse

It’s not just the Creme Egg that has let us down.

THE COUNTRY WAS outraged yesterday with the news that Cadbury’s had changed the sacred Creme Egg. But they’re not the first thing to change recipe or grow smaller over the years.

1. Honey nut loops

Sure, they’re a cereal but let’s be real–they’re as good as sweets. They used to be little hoops of honey magic…

honey_loops Source: thelobsterclub

Now, with reduced sugar, they’ve also reduced the fun and taste.

035 Source: lilinhaangel

2. Chickatees

Along with a range of other corn snacks, like Mighty Munch and Chipsticks.

tayto_011 Source: Brownbagfilms

Stop messing with our corn!

0d7e3facc6290131adcb51ea6fe7330c096cbbff Source: Jrbyrnes

3. Snax

They deserve corn-based outrage of their own. How do you make something so perfect,

Tayto-Snax Source: Taquitos

… so full of air?

tayto-snax-x-10-270x270 Source: Pennyjellies

4. Roses

Don’t even talk to us. They all taste like coffee now.


5. Brunch

Excuse me. But what have you done? You’re less crumbly and the ice cream is much harder. A travesty.

4_brunch_1985 Source: brandnewretro

6. Smarties

Haven’t been the same since they took out those E numbers.

1998_01_08_i Source: Smartiescollector

Damn health. And we can’t even collect 20 pence pieces in the tube anymore.

smartypack Source: lilliansquires

7. Marietta

We thought we had something.

510529 Source: Sullivanvitamins

But you changed. Now you just taste like a smaller, harder Rich Tea

510529_311x99 Source: Foodireland

8. Cadbury’s caramel

The days when you had to unwrap it were some fine days indeed.

caramel-normal2 Source: Jakehowlett

It just tasted so much better.

Cadbury-Dairy-Milk-Caramel-45g Source: British-shopping

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