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The 17 foods Irish emigrants miss the most

The cravings.

THERE ARE A host of specialty shops that sell plenty of Irish staples abroad these days – but it’s still not the same as having them all RIGHT THERE on every corner.

The further away you are, the more likely you’ll have cravings for these delish Irish treats:

1. The Club Orange/Lemon range is unrivalled abroad

Club-cans Source: Brandimage

They just don’t compare. And their weird version of Fanta is a pain in the hoop too.

2. Proper black pudding

Hawksmoor, Spitalfields, London Source: Ewan-M

You can source the bare bones of the rest of the fry, but the further away from Ireland you get, the scarcer the black puddings.

3. If you’re from Donegal, you’re only missing one taste of home

mcdaids Source: Twitter

4. The curry cheese chip is impossible to replicate

Canada has its poutine, we have our curry cheese chips. And when you’re away its unique taste is sorely missed.

Supermac’s might very well be going international at some stage – and it would be welcomed with open, hungry arms.

5. The new takeaway phenomenon that is the Spice Bag*

spicebagnow Source: Boards.ie

*only if you’ve moved away in the last year or so.

6. And the classic that is the 3 in 1

B7_VaxDCAAAyxzR Source: BuzzWirePhotog/Twitter

7. Birds Eye potato waffles


So much so that an Irish man just successfully campaigned to bring them to Australia.

Commitment to the waffle. And the strange sweet waffles they serve up in the States are just a letdown in comparison.

8. Lucozade

8831655477278 Source: Iceland

The finest of filthy of hangover cures.

If you’re in the UK, you’re grand. But trying to find it further afield is a struggle that’s not particularly helpful when you’re hanging.

9. These cherished culinary delights

sausage-6-752x501 Source: Thejournal

Yeah, yeah, yeah… youcan find seriously good quality sausages abroad, this is true.

But they don’t have the distinctive taste of the Superquinn ones.

10. Batch bread

Batch-bread-web Source: Griffinsbakery

International artisan bakeries can’t match it.

11. Tayto and King varieties of cheese and onion crisps

crisps1-630x396 Source: Thejournal

Because you can get top notch salt and vinegar abroad, but not these. Which then has a knock on effect on crisp sandwich-making abilities.

12. A mountain of this lying in the cupboard

barry's2 Source: Imgur

Or that other popular brand, if you prefer.

It would be great if you didn’t have to seek out Barry’s Tea bargains in far off places like this poor lad in the States.

13. Meanies

meanies Source: Robt-roberts

Nothing else tastes like Meanies. Even other pickled onion crisps miss that distinctive bang.

14. Chocolate Kimerleys

2012-04-17 20.18.22 Source: BlogSpot

Regular Kimberleys – not so much. But the chocolate ones, yes please.

15. The spice burger

spice Source: Ballyboughal.net

It might not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s quintessential chipper grub.

16. You’d miss these sophisticated things around this time of year


So it might not be for the quality of the biscuits, but it’s the TRADITION.

17. And finally… any kind of half decent Irish milk that isn’t shite

Because this is acceptable behaviour abroad:

milkbags Source: Twitter

They’re all still here, and they’re all still delish.

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