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The Irish For: What is with our love affair with coleslaw?
Darach Ó Séaghdha looks back at the introduction of coleslaw to Ireland and wonders why exactly we embraced this strange mix of veg and mayo.
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How Typically Irish Are Your Food Habits?
Are you made of spuds and spicebags?
# nice n spicy
Spice bags have found their way on to the menu at a Washington DC restaurant
Soon they’ll be pretending they don’t even know us.
# con-akilty
Did *you* know that Clonakilty black pudding is made from beef, not pork?
# what's for dinner
It's time we faced the facts: Stew is bad and does not deserve to be our national dish
*chews beef for five hours*
# treat of treats
The Iceberger is the best Irish ice cream and there's no two ways about it
No faff, no bells and whistles, just a good ice cream.
# stop this now
15 pictures of food that will make every Irish person cringe
This will not do.
# muffin top
The Supermacs hot muffin and ice cream is the unofficial national dessert of Ireland
A love letter to a special dish.
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11 tweets that sum up Ireland's relationship with Ballymaloe relish
I got Ballymaloe in my bag, swag.
# Buttering them up
Irish food is on a promotional tour of Arab states
Michael Creed says chefs love Irish food.
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10 times the world got a glimpse into what Irish food is really like
“You eat WHAT?”
# Forbidden Fruit
10 things that have no right to be as delicious as they are
*dreams of Bonjela*
# Irish Abroad
A new subscription box service for emigrants promises you tasty Irish treats every month
# closed borders
An Irishman sent almost 300 bags of Tayto to his little brother abroad to share with his classmates
# it's all gravy
11 signs that Irish people are truly obsessed with sauce
Not THE sauce. Sauce sauce.
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QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Irish Food?
Let’s find out.
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12 tweets that sum up Ireland's relationship with the chicken fillet roll
Cut in half?
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11 glorious photos of Irish butter porn for those missing it abroad
Get your fix. Well, your visual fix.
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14 times Irish food abroad went above and beyond
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Sea salts that hail from Louth get EU 'protected status'
Other protected Irish products include Imokilly Regato, Clare Island Salmon, and the Waterford Blaa.
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Can you actually make it all the way through these Irish food fails?
Oh, the humanity.
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This company is putting together lovely boxes of Irish food to ship to emigrants
Not your usual package from home.
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How Sick And Wrong Are Your Irish Food Choices?
Very important questions.
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8 reasons why potato waffles are a staple of the Irish diet
Grill ‘em, bake ‘em, fry ‘em, eat ‘em…
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17 images of food porn only Irish people will truly appreciate
# no more tayto
Tesco stores in the UK to discontinue its 'Irish food' range
The company has carried the section in British stores since 2011.
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10 reasons why Tesco's Irish section is a *lifeline* for Irish emigrants
9 things you'll get if you love Chickatees more than life itself
The best and most delicious corn snack.
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15 REAL delicacies all tourists must sample in Ireland
There’s no coddle and stew here.
# coddle pizza
This American website's recipe for 'Irish coddle pizza' is grossing Irish people out
Nope. No thank you.
# Strong Roots
Everyone's talking about these Irish-made sweet potato oven chips
Actually crispy sweet potato fries at home. Yes.
# I'll be missing you
The 17 foods Irish emigrants miss the most
The cravings.
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10 reasons why Irish food is way superior to American food
Evidence within.
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How Much Do You Know About Irish Food?
Do you know your coddle from your colcannon?
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11 Irish food habits that totally baffle people abroad
They need to come here and sample the weird deliciousness.
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10 things Ireland needs the world to know about food
Just learning about black pudding? There’s a lot more to know about Irish food.
# Road Trip
A trip around Ireland in 32 delicious dishes
How many of these have you tried?
# potatoes gonna potate
10 essential facts of life for Irish people who don't like potatoes
They exist. And they demand to be recognised.
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21 things that taste like every Irish person's childhood
Get ready to feel hungry.
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Which Irish Food Is Your One True Love?
You know one of them is your true spirit animal.