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11 reasons why Francis Brennan is a national treasure

*runs finger over shelf to check for dust*

FEW PEOPLE ARE as universally beloved as Francis Brennan, hotelier and star of RTÉ shows At Your Service and Francis Brennan’s Grand Tour.

a45YI-iH Source: Twitter/@francisbrennanb

Francis, you’re a star. Here’s why.

1. He is adored by mams the country over

Francis Brennan is a BIG DEAL for mams. Maybe it’s that passion for cleanliness and order.

2. Scratch that, make it women the country over

Francis Brennan!! 😃❤️👍🏻 #francisbrennan #happiness #booksigning #tralee #smile

A photo posted by Susan (@suzee_bee_beside_the_sea) on

You definitely know at least one person who has a delighted selfie with him. You do.

3. He never looks less than dapper

francis Source: RTÉ

Sharp suits, pocket squares, neat hair.

4. And he’s managed to make glasses chains seem chic

Not one but two there. So practical!

5. He has the power to soothe even the most frazzled soul

tvcable Source: YouTube

Watching him renovate a garden or fuss over bedside lockers for an hour has rejuvenating properties. Fact.

6. And makes makes Sunday nights that bit more bearable

francis Source: RTÉ

At Your Service makes Fear disappear.

7. But he is not afraid to throw shade

ruinthebed Source: YouTube

Woe betide you if you try to bring a bit of what Francis terms ‘bling’ (AKA anything sparkly or diamante-encrusted) into your B&B. He’ll sort you out sharpish.

8. His sense of humour is wonderfully old-fashioned

Look at him there, hooting away at his own gag. Love you, Francis.

9. And he is the definition of ‘dotey’

10. Doctors are even crying out for him to work in A&E departments

francis b Source: RTÉ

“Purely to look after people’s comfort,” Dr Chris Luke of Cork’s College Hospital told Newstalk. Do you hear that? Francis Brennan could SAVE THIS COUNTRY.

11. And he has rolled his little suitcase straight into our hearts

suitcase Source: YouTube


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