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oh crepe

French people are calling this photo of a stack of crepes an 'act of war'

Mon Dieu!

WE MAY HAVE an international incident on our hands. Standby.

Earlier this week, this photo of a stack of crepes was posted on Reddit with the caption: “A French colleague made crepes today. English people are barbarians…”

AcrWW2w Imgur Imgur

Yeah. Somebody cut those crepes like a cake.

Redditors and Imgur users were disgusted by the image, saying the perpetrator knew exactly what they were doing when they made that first slice.

frenchcrepes3 Reddit Reddit

The photo quickly began to go viral in France as people took in the full horror of the scene. French BuzzFeed called it “an international crime against crepes” while the website Liberation went as far as calling it a “massacre” and an ‘act of war’.

They’re not messing around.

frenchcrepes Liberation Liberation

However, before you roll your eyes and sigh “ENGLISH PEOPLE” – the original poster returned yesterday to update us on their investigation, and revealed that an Irish person may have had a hand in this terrible crime.

One day later the mystery has not been solved, nobody is owning up to savaging the crepes! However it may not have been an English person, we have two Irish, one Russian, and one Mexican working here. It could have been anyone…

Irish people know a thin pancake when we see one. We would never disrespect them like that. Have mercy!

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