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10 things nobody ever forgets about Freshers Week

Iron stomach contest, anyone?

THAT FIRST WEEK in college is a special time in your life.

You’ll do things you would never normally do. Speak to people you’d never normally speak to. And maybe combine the two.

But here’s what you’ll remember

1. Spending all day carrying several plastic bags with rubbish free gifts in them

2. Meeting people you think you’re going to be friends with forever, then realising the error of your ways after 24 hours. 

And avoiding them for the next four years.

3. Joining whatever bank gets to you first, and then sticking with them for the next ten years out of habit

Source: infomatique

4. Watching in bafflement as someone does an eating/drinking contest

(Or maybe doing one yourself.)

Source: Tumblr

5. Hearing the urban myths about your college from a second-year

“One guy on the rowing team ran naked through the library with photocopying cards on his nipples!” “Whoa.”

Source: Imgur

6. Looking around you at a bizarre social event, like a Traffic Light Ball, and wondering what exactly is going on

Source: Bob B. Brown

7. Figuring out how to cook for yourself using one takeaway carton and a plastic fork

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8. The good intentions you had when you bought your first books

Source: wohnai

9. Seeing third-year students, and thinking how OLD they seemed

10. That unique mixture of nervousness and excitement about the next four years of your life

Psst! Here it is in a nutshell:

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Yay college!

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