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Man claims wife asked for divorce because he didn't like Frozen

She said there was something wrong with her husband “as a human being” because he didn’t like the film.

Image: Flickr/Jorge Figueroa

HE MAY NOT have liked Disney’s hit animation Frozen, but it’s clear who’s the cold-hearted one in this relationship.

A man has claimed that his wife asked for a divorce after he told her Frozen was “only OK”.

The Guardian reports that the man posted his problem on a Japanese marriage advice forum, ominously named The Gravesite of Married People.

He said his wife had become obsessed with the film after a friend introduced her to it.

She went to see it at the cinema numerous times – he accompanied her once, after which he said he thought the film was “only OK” and that he “didn’t really care for it personally.”

At this point, his wife said:

If you can’t understand what makes this movie great, there’s something wrong with you as a human being!

She then requested a divorce.

The man insists there were no pre-existing issues in their marriage, but the woman will now only speak to him through their respective parents.

Dunno guys, it sounds like she should just…

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