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WATCH: Cheery Fungi the Dolphin plays with boaters in Dingle Bay

Some new footage of our old friend Fungi shows he’s as playful as ever.

1897013_734433416591187_7925118879415828885_n Fungi resting by the Fungi Forever boat earlier this week Source: Facebook/Fungi Forever

AS FAR AS legendary Irish characters go, there are few more dear to our hearts than Fungi the Dolphin.

He charmed us from the moment he first arrived in Dingle Bay in the 1980s, and as he advances into old age he’s still as fond of us as ever.

Jeannine Masset and Rudi Schamhart of the fan page Fungi Forever go out every day to visit and play with the friendly bottlenose dolphin – here’s some footage from yesterday’s trip, with Fungi in playful form as usual.

Source: Rudi Schamhart/YouTube

Visit the fan page Fungi Forever on Facebook to get daily updates on the lovable dolphin.

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