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'Padded bra for men' hides your manboobs and gives you pecs

It’s called the Funkybod.

MEN, THERE IS NOW a male equivalent of the padded bra. At last.

It’s called the Funkybod, and markets itself as a ‘muscle top’. Here it is:

Basically, the top hides your moobs and gives you pecs. As the website says:

Our muscle enhancing top is a high quality garment to accentuate the pectorals, shoulders, biceps, and triceps.

And also:

There is a marked improvement in the look if the wearer has the typical visual manboob issues when wearing a shirt.

The Funkybod has pads around the chest and shoulders. Here’s the effect it has:

Source: funkybod.com

Yes, it’s exactly the same as a padded bra, but for men. Are we exaggerating?

The Funkybod top is a great confidence booster for men in the same way a padded bra works for women.

As this YouTube video helpfully states, it takes you from ‘skinny to muscles’:

Source: Chad Walker

The moob-hiding effect is really just a happy accident, as the site explains in a section called ‘Manboob info’:

After initial trials we found that some of the smaller men had manboob issues which were covered well with the Funkybod muscle top.  This led us to experiment with larger men and look into the manboob issue further.

Here’s Ash Bhunnoo, creator of the Funkybod, and a male model describing its wondrous benefits:

Source: Ted Day

h/t Buzzfeed

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