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12 outstanding notes from neighbours complaining about loud sex

“Please keep down your sexual vocals!”

1. “She’s faking it.”

sexnote1 Source: Imgur

2. Oh, shag off.

6NiG0yI Source: Imgur

3. Poor Nick.

1vQkDzu Source: Imgur

4. Or being told that you sound like you’re “expelling demons”

0BKdd Source: uberhumor

5. You have to call ‘em like you see ‘em

5069ea11fb04d60a47000815._w.540_h.405_s.fit_ Source: Apartment Therapy

6. Meanwhile, this creepy endorsement would surely deter you from ever having sex again.

sexnote3 Source: Imgur

Reverse psychology, anyone?

7. If you don’t like confrontation, let a friendly sex dinosaur do your work for you

523af3182b26a Source: happyplace

8. Or just add a passive aggressive love heart so they know how truly angry you are

BCX_QkOCcAA3JN2 Source: Castiel/Twitter

9. Or you could query whether the sex noises were cries of “misery or discomfort”

disturbing_sounds_note.jpeg Source: studentbeans

10. BRB, adding “sexual voices” to everyday vernacular

vocals_note.jpeg (1) Source: studentbeans

11. Sometimes a visual aid can help

kLUhdjG Source: Reddit

12. But when all else fails, you may just have to give them a taste of their own medicine…

eyQhA Source: Reddit

And nobody wants that.


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