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11 Snapchat stories that are funny for no reason at all

The snaps you wish you’d thought up.

1. This ~super deep~ potato analogy

“I asked my sister to peel the potatoes and look what was on her Snapchat story.”

potatosnaps Source: Twitter/@mxxaria

2. This pun from NASA

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Ah look! NASA are good craic.

3. This person who just needs some TLC

gRIVnmN Source: Reddit/funny

4. This Shakespearean quip

tumblr_n33hj8JxC81s8ew1vo1_500 Source: Tumblr

5. This absolute legend

enhanced-11236-1461613008-9 Source: awesomeinventions.com

6. This cat

tYpvP5E Source: Imgur

7. This kid who found his perfect angle

FRNEL5t Source: Imgur

8. This woman who betrayed her dog

betrayed Source: Imgur

9. This person making the best of a bad situation

babydip Source: Twitter/@BrendenMelody

10. This dog realising it’s made a huge mistake

EkEPGqh Source: r/funny

11. And this totally regular drunk purchase

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