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Corgi Glory

16 reasons you should pay more attention to corgis

We need to talk about wonderful corgis are.

WE KNOW THAT on the internet lots of animals are vying for your attention.

There are plenty of animals being cute, outrageous, funny and scary across videos and pics all day every day.

We do feel though that corgis are quite special.

These pint-sized charmers are not only a favourite of the Royal Family but provide us with some YouTube gold.

Here are some ways  in which corgis prove just how amazing they are.

1. The Corgi Flop

This video of Cooper the corgi taking a unique approach to entering the water is hilarious:

geddesd21 / YouTube

And just like anything that proves successful there are follow ups.

Corgi Flop 2 is like any sequel, more of the same but still oddly enjoyable

geddesd21 / YouTube

The third video is a tad distressing with Cooper seeming to lose his leaping skills


geddesd21 / YouTube

Thankfully he gets it together for the final video in the Corgi Flop series.

geddesd21 / YouTube

2. They love to get together with friends

Look at these happy corgis hanging out and being corgi-ish


via Imgur

3. They enjoy staying fit

via Gifbay

4. They are the dog of choice of The Queen

PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images

She even has someone to carry them around for her:

PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images

5. They enjoy sporting activities

Pinwheely / Deviant Art

via GifBay

6. They don't seem fussed when turned into a cake

Obviously corgis are too cool to act overexcited about this.

Geoff Caddick/PA Archive/Press Association Images

7.  They seem happiest when trying to fly

CHRIS GARDNER/AP/Press Association Images

8. They are very suave

Suaver than suave


via Imgur

9. They look great on a t-shirt


via RKDM

10. They have great dress sense


via Imgur

The Otis Brain Bank / Tumblr

via MSPA Forums

via Uproxx

11. They look a bit like Skrillex

If you get the outfit right anyway:


via Imgur

12. They are really amusing to watch run in slow motion

This gets really good at the 41 second mark

James Amis / YouTube

13. They can be a bit scary sometimes


via Imgur

14. They don't like sniffing bums very much

Best reaction ever

via Virgin Mobile Feed

15. They look really cute when they sleep

Like seriously cute:

jtbruin / YouTube

Some of them even dance in their sleep:

wphan454 / YouTube

Just be ready for them to be surprised when they wake up

via GifBin

16. They are just really cute and good at winking

Ultimately, corgis are just really great.

They even wink at you!



via Imgur

Hurrah for corgis!

via CutestPaw

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