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9 corporate Twitter accounts that aren't afraid of the craic
Two of them have even engaged in a rap battle. On Twitter. A Twattle, if you will.

MOST CORPORATE TWITTER accounts are pretty boring.

They offer up the standard information about their product, or perhaps use it as a customer service tool.

Some, though, offer a little extra.

Like O2′s UK account for example.  They’re not afraid of some good old fashioned craic, as evidenced here by a Twitter exchange from earlier this year.

This week they really took it to the next level, engaging in a Twitter rap battle with rival Tesco Mobile.

It was started by a regular Twitter user, and then escalated significantly.

NOTE:  O2′s current advertising campaign is about a cat who decides to ‘be more dog’.

Ok.  So they’re clearly not rappers.  And frankly, even if they were, a rap battle is probably always going to sound a bit cringey via the medium of Twitter, but they are having a bit of fun.

They’re not the only ones.

Here are seven other companies who aren’t afraid of having the craic on Twitter.


The computer giants were quick off the mark when they received the following tweet last night.


The American toilet paper company are fans of straight talking when it comes to the loo.

Compare the Meerkat

Aleksandr tweets tales from his life with Sergei which are largely amusing.

Wheat Thins

The American cracker company are all about having a laugh.

Betfair Poker

The person behind this account rarely tweets about poker, but his offbeat humour has won the account 27,000 followers.

Paddy Power

Sports jokes up the wazoo!

Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s interaction with their customers are frequently the best elements of their account.

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, fair play to them.

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