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The DOs and DON'Ts of doing karaoke

You’ll be the best karaoke craic ever.

PERHAPS YOU LOVE a spot of karaoke or perhaps the very thought of it fills you with dread.

Either way there are certain things you should know before you take part.

It can be a lot of fun but you don’t want to make a mess of it so we’ve rounded up the ways to avoid doing just that.

DO keep your party to 10 or less

Kevork Djansezian/AP/Press Association Images

We know the temptation is to have 35 trillion people all head into the same booth to try and sing but we would advise against that.

Obviously your karaoke booth will vary in size but keep it to 10 or less and you’ll avoid it turning into a frenzy of people sobbing because they didn’t get to sing the harmonies on Don’t Let Go.

DON’T sing a slow song

This is obvious but please, please, please no slow jams, folk ballads or anything that will leave us all in tears or even worse bored.

It is supposed to be a party.

Nobody wants to be doing this mid-song:

DO pick a good partner

Someone who can have the right amount of fun with you on stage but also will know that they can’t just leave you there to sing the majority of the words while they just stand at the side.

Basically try and avoid having someone up there who only does this:

DON’T be a microphone hog

You are not the only one there, it is not all about you and this Whitney Houston in her prime act you’ve got going is not as endearing as you may think it is.


DO try out singing a TV theme tune

We’re serious.

One DailyEdge.ie staffer swears by singing the theme from The Flintstones.

The brief length and recognition factor will make it a surefire winner.

pungodin / YouTube

DON’T over sing

In your head you’re up there at karaoke and you are basically this:

But actually you are this:

3doorsdown86 / YouTube

Just have a bit a laugh with it and save those whistle notes for your shower singalongs.

DO give hip-hop songs a go

Even if you’re rapping is dire it will get people in the mood and show that you are absolutely the best craic and have excellent taste.

You’re welcome.

NrwMusicPlatform / YouTube

DON’T drink too much

Nothing wrong with a few drinks at karaoke but be careful you’re not swaying and being a bit of a drunken mess before you get up there.

It could end up like this:

toneko11 / yOUtUBE

DO leave out guitar solos

They can ruin a perfectly good karaoke moment.

You’re up there and people think you’re fab and then there’s a minute long guitar solo and you’re just like this:

via RealityTVGifs

Remember if a song has one and then make it your mission to not perform that song.

DON’T abuse the equipment

Swinging the microphone around the place is only going to end in tears.

And not the “wow they are so good at singing I am crying non stop” kind.

DO try a few dance moves

Nothing wrong with a little improvised movement mid-song.

DON’T freak out about the words

They’re on screen obviously but also just roll with it or make the crowd sing them back to you.

Like a true pro.

DO commit to the song

A little melodrama when you’re up there is important.

Just use this man as your inspiration:

David Guttenfelder/AP/Press Association Images

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