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#funny kids

This little kid's deeply unfortunate bike safety picture is going viral

Well, that looks like a penis.

Watch these Tipp kids hilariously insist they didn't play with any paint

“Daniel, who got the paint?” “She did.”

A little girl wrote her mam a fairly devastating break-up letter

It’s not you, Mam. It’s me.

Kids Are The Worst is the Instagram account every parent needs to follow

Little miracles, every one of them.

11 times kids sent the best Valentines

“Happy Valentine’s Day Mr Piece of Crap.”

This little girl is far too impressed by her own farts

Better out than your eye, we guess?

This kid mortified his mam in the shop with maxi pads, and promptly went viral


This 2-year-old just found out she's single, and she's pretty devastated


This little girl met her shadow for the first time, and it TERRIFIED her

Where oh where oh where is shadow? Where can shadow be?

Little kid outshines everyone else at wedding with amazing dance move

We dare you to try this next time you’re in da club.

13 wonderfully bizarre jokes written by children

Because you have to grow into your sense of humour.

Hilarious Irish kids don't have a clue who runs the country TV3

Hilarious Irish kids don't have a clue who runs the country

“Is it holy God?”

Little boy attempts to master the art of whistling, fails adorably

We know the feeling, little one.

This little boy is absolutely devastated that he can't get married yet

“It’ll be eight hundred million billion weeks until I can get married!”

Well-spoken little boy gives out to his mam for being pregnant


Kid is devastated after cruel dad steals his ear and nose

At least he got them back.

Little boy has extremely melodramatic reaction to taking a plaster off


Baby boy does an excellent impression of his pregnant mother

“Walk like momma.”

Little girl plots against her brother in hilariously evil list

‘Dye his carpet pink’ is just one thing she’s planning to do. So evil.

This 5-year-old kid has more relationship woes than you do

Damn it feels bad to be a gangsta.

Irish primary school kids hilariously discuss their ideal superpowers

Essentially, they just want to be able to throw things. Hard.

Little girl has first taste of salt and vinegar crisps, reacts adorably

It goes something like: “YUM. YUCK! YUM.”

This little girl is the cutest comedian on the internet

We bet she’d have no trouble dealing with the hecklers either.

Irish kid's hilarious handwritten recipe calls for 'mental butter'

An easy mistake to make.

Conversations with a 3-year-old at bath time

“Don’t look at me”.

The most ridiculous things we all believed as kids

We only half-believed that the moon is made from cheese, OKAY?

Star Wars, as told by kids... Star Kids This post contains videos

Star Wars, as told by kids...

… and then acted by actors.