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# kids pictures
This little kid's deeply unfortunate bike safety picture is going viral
Well, that looks like a penis.
# minions
Watch these Tipp kids hilariously insist they didn't play with any paint
“Daniel, who got the paint?” “She did.”
# bye mam
A little girl wrote her mam a fairly devastating break-up letter
It’s not you, Mam. It’s me.
# Little Monsters
Kids Are The Worst is the Instagram account every parent needs to follow
Little miracles, every one of them.
# Valentine's Day
11 times kids sent the best Valentines
“Happy Valentine’s Day Mr Piece of Crap.”
# stinky
This little girl is far too impressed by her own farts
Better out than your eye, we guess?
# scarlet for yer ma
This kid mortified his mam in the shop with maxi pads, and promptly went viral
# Love Hurts
This 2-year-old just found out she's single, and she's pretty devastated
# shadow dancer
This little girl met her shadow for the first time, and it TERRIFIED her
Where oh where oh where is shadow? Where can shadow be?
# twin telepathy
Watch these giddy twins 'fall asleep' the second they hear their mam's voice
# been caught stealing
This little boy has a completely foolproof way of stealing chocolate bars
# Movin' On
This little girl threatening to move out epitomises the struggle of having brothers
“I’m MOVIN’ ON!”
# in too deep
Girl writes note to her crush, gets a surprisingly deep response
Dat honesty.
# like nobody's watching
Little kid outshines everyone else at wedding with amazing dance move
We dare you to try this next time you’re in da club.
# bad kids jokes
13 wonderfully bizarre jokes written by children
Because you have to grow into your sense of humour.
# TV3
Hilarious Irish kids don't have a clue who runs the country
“Is it holy God?”
# it's impossible!
Little boy attempts to master the art of whistling, fails adorably
We know the feeling, little one.
# Love and Marriage
This little boy is absolutely devastated that he can't get married yet
“It’ll be eight hundred million billion weeks until I can get married!”
# not having it
Well-spoken little boy gives out to his mam for being pregnant
# Red Handed
Little girl tries to convince mam she didn't eat a doughnut...with chocolate all over her face
“Ben pushed it into my mouth.”
# got your nose
Kid is devastated after cruel dad steals his ear and nose
At least he got them back.
# drama llama
Little boy has extremely melodramatic reaction to taking a plaster off
# walk the walk
Baby boy does an excellent impression of his pregnant mother
“Walk like momma.”
# Good point
Kid provides hilariously irrefutable evidence that her dog is a girl
Shut up mum.
# evil genius
Little girl plots against her brother in hilariously evil list
‘Dye his carpet pink’ is just one thing she’s planning to do. So evil.
# dear diary
9 extremely insightful diary entries from primary school kids
Kids are #deep, man.
# i get all the girls
This 5-year-old kid has more relationship woes than you do
Damn it feels bad to be a gangsta.
# hulk smash
Irish primary school kids hilariously discuss their ideal superpowers
Essentially, they just want to be able to throw things. Hard.
# Bittersweet
Little girl has first taste of salt and vinegar crisps, reacts adorably
It goes something like: “YUM. YUCK! YUM.”
# Hatch Who
This little girl is the cutest comedian on the internet
We bet she’d have no trouble dealing with the hecklers either.
# junior masterchef
Irish kid's hilarious handwritten recipe calls for 'mental butter'
An easy mistake to make.
# baby talk
Conversations with a 3-year-old at bath time
“Don’t look at me”.
# aw bless
The most ridiculous things we all believed as kids
We only half-believed that the moon is made from cheese, OKAY?
# star kids
Star Wars, as told by kids...
… and then acted by actors.