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lost in translation

15 sign translations that completely mangled the English language

“No romping in potato.”

EARLIER THIS WEEK, Pointless presenter Richard Osman shared a delightful translation fail his daughter had spotted in China.

And in response, people shared their own favourite translation fails…

1. This sign in Turkey instructing you to time travel

osman AFJM_ / Twitter AFJM_ / Twitter / Twitter

2. Whatever you do, don’t be safe

Ct73Ki0WEAA_2bo David Hunt / Twitter David Hunt / Twitter / Twitter

3. Let’s Eat Tar!

Mmm, appetising.

tar Tim / Twitter Tim / Twitter / Twitter

4. This extremely continental breakfast

cont Josh / Twitter Josh / Twitter / Twitter

5. We’re sensing a trend here…

send Michael Carey / Twitter Michael Carey / Twitter / Twitter


bean Stephanie Johnston / Twitter Stephanie Johnston / Twitter / Twitter

7. This reassuring sign about being allowed to use your private parts however you like


Ct1yJLcXYAEaszT Andrew Graystone / Twitter Andrew Graystone / Twitter / Twitter

8. This chronically useless map

“You are here”


map Leo Gebbie / Twitter Leo Gebbie / Twitter / Twitter

9. “…for assisting the difficult”

A struggle every retail worker can deal with.

Ct1wN9cWIAA9ZYg Sarah Deech / Twitter Sarah Deech / Twitter / Twitter

10. Come again?

tony Tony Balmforth / Twitter Tony Balmforth / Twitter / Twitter


11. “Please do not touch my knob!”

Ct2XmbpXgAAGNq0 Kathryn Rudd / Twitter Kathryn Rudd / Twitter / Twitter


Rock on!

Ct7JlL8WAAA6iu- Rebecca Franks / Twitter Rebecca Franks / Twitter / Twitter

13. “Hi, I’d like to report some evil operation…”

Ct1wkNyXYAAE7uv Drew Davie / Twitter Drew Davie / Twitter / Twitter

14. Clear instructions here

Ct2B5P7WgAE6LV5 Robert Murphy / Twitter Robert Murphy / Twitter / Twitter

15. And finally… ‘poopy seeds’

pen pennington / Twitter pennington / Twitter / Twitter

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