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13 trials, tribulations and triumphs of the world's vending machines

It’s all about give and take.

1. We hear you vending machine. We hear you

I know how you feel, vending machine.... I know how you feel - Imgur Imgur Imgur

2. Vending machine in peril

Holding the vending machine guy hostage - Imgur Imgur Imgur

3. It’s always the kids that suffer in a divorce

Found on the vending machine at work this morning - Imgur Imgur Imgur

4. Charity begins at the vending machine

Someone replaced the out of order sign on the vending machine at work. - Imgur Imgur Imgur

5. Don’t ever change, vending machine

Vending Machine Sign. Rich Anderson Rich Anderson

6. Oh ‘Murica

7. Pay it forward, just like Haley Joel Osmont

8. A Lego vending machine, aka The Dream

There exists a vending machine the Munich train station just for Legos - Imgur Imgur Imgur

9. Just bananas, and banana holders

This vending machine only sells bananas. - Imgur Imgur Imgur

10. Ah, drumsticks and a Twix, just what I was after

sticks Imgur Imgur

11. WOAH! I just asked for a Snickers!

Sassy Vending Machine - Imgur Imgur Imgur

12. Truth

Good guy vending machine - Imgur Imgur Imgur

13. A vending machine that gives out random books

Biblio-mat, A Vending Machine That Delivers Random Used Books - Imgur Imgur Imgur

Now, here’s an otter and a vending machine.

An otter and a vending machine - Imgur Imgur Imgur

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