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sauce wars

Is it acceptable to like garlic mayo but absolutely hate mayonnaise?

An investigation.

garlic-mayonnaise Charlotteslivelykitchen Charlotteslivelykitchen

IN THE WORLD of sauces, nothing polarises public opinion quite like mayonnaise does.

To some it’s a delicious, spreadable, dippable sauce that can pretty much go with anything. To others it’s the devil’s sauce – and shouldn’t be allowed near food.

Then, within that family, you have garlic mayo

Which enjoys much higher levels of public affection than its plainer relative

Some people even won’t allow themselves to enjoy garlic mayo because it’s tainted by the evil regular mayo

garlicdip1 Twitter Twitter

Look how upset people get when they realise there is no garlic in their mayo

Some people love garlic mayo but can not stand normal mayonnaise. They are a real demographic and take it very seriously.

It’s no laughing matter when it comes to their garlic sauce.

Toum Charles Haynes Charles Haynes

Anywhere that doesn’t have the garlic version but has the regular needs to re-evaluate its purpose

But, once we have accepted it as fact that there are people who enjoy garlic mayo and really dislike mayonnaise – there is another question within that.

Is garlic mayo the same as garlic sauce?

It’s such a debate that this question was posted to Yahoo Answers:

mayo1 Yahoo Yahoo

And the consensus was that garlic sauce CAN be different to garlic mayo - it’s usually not as thick.

mayo2 Yahoo Yahoo

Think of those garlic dips you get with pizza. Is that garlic mayo or merely garlic sauce? Or does it even matter?

People very much care about the distinction

tumblr_l09pz0gh0o1qayvcwo1_500 Wordpress Wordpress

So, what have we really learned here?

Firstly, there is a relatively large portion of the sauce-eating public out there that love themselves some garlic mayo - but would never touch regular mayonnaise ever.

Secondly, there are also lots of people within that group who get very protective of the term garlic sauce – and think that it should never be crossed with the term garlic mayo (its thicker, more mayonnaise-like relative).

So, with that in mind, is it acceptable to love garlic mayo but hate the regular stuff? 

Poll Results:

Yes, there's a world of difference between the two (530)
No. I can see why you might like one over the other but I don't get the hate for normal mayonnaise at all (510)
I hate everything mayonnaise-related so wouldn't have a clue (110)

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