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5 reasons why Geordie Shore should be your guilty pleasure

This article contains strong language and sexual references from the outset and throughout.


Geordie Shore is returning to our screens next month for its eighth season. EIGHTH SEASON. Can you believe it?

The MTV reality show was trending on Twitter in Ireland last night and well into today, thanks to the risqué (and more than slightly amusing) new ad. It’s fairly NSFW.

beanyman62 / YouTube

There is no use in lying. Geordie Shore is muck, but it’s some of the best muck on TV at the moment. You probably don’t want to admit to watching it, but that’s what having a guilty pleasure is for, right?

Here’s why Geordie Shore should be yours.

1. The accents

The Geordie accent is the real star of the show. What are they saying? Why is it like a different language? What’s “tashing on”? (It’s getting the shift, BTW.)

geordie-shore-6-bondi-charlotte-tash-on-bosh-800x533 MTV Australia MTV Australia

2. The ‘fashion’

It’s worth having a look at Geordie Shore every now and then just to see how deep the v-necks on the boys’ t-shirts have gotten, or what colour Holly’s hair is now.

geordie_shore_group_3_white MTV MTV

Or if any of the girls will ever successfully walk more than three steps in their high heels.

3. Charlotte

If a reality show could have a breakout character, Charlotte is it.

tumblr_mtdqrlZcEt1scujedo1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

The ditzy brunette has done every embarrassing thing known to man (including wetting the bed when trying to get it on with Gaz) yet she’s still the most likeable person on the show.

4. Vicky’s one-liners

It’s acceptable to watch Geordie Shore only to pick up tips from Vicky, the owner of the most acidic tongue on TV right now.

Here she is having a go at her now ex-fiancé, Ricci (who also stars in the show):

giphy Giphy Giphy

No clue who this poor unfortunate is, but god help them:

tumblr_mghrzv2Vr61rmz3qpo1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

There are no words:

giphy Giphy Giphy

5. The nights out

They never look fun. Ever. Someone’s either too drunk, or crying, or fighting with someone else.

MTVUKofficial / YouTube

Basically, it’s everything you don’t want to happen when you’re out with your friends. And it’s deliciously fun to watch.

What we’re saying here is, if you aren’t already harbouring a secret love for Geordie Shore, get on it ’til you vomit. (You don’t have to vomit.)

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