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11 reasons getting back to normal is actually great

Feck your Blue Mondays, let’s get back into it.

THERE’S NO DENYING it, we are definitely getting back to normal now.

It’s hard to let go of the warm glow of Christmas, but there are some advantages to saying goodbye.

Here are ten reasons getting back to normal is actually great.

No more turkey and ham

turkey and ham Flickr / rickcaffeinated Flickr / rickcaffeinated / rickcaffeinated

Everyone loves a good roast, but there are only so many meat and potato dinners a person can handle before they start to crave a bit of spaghetti bolognese or the like.

You can avoid your family for ages now (if you want to)

611202254 Awkward Family Photos Awkward Family Photos

Yes, yes, your family is a delight, but chances are you’ve had your fill by now.  The good news is that you’ve put in enough hours over the last few weeks that you can now entirely avoid them for the rest of the month, guilt-free!

Your body clock can normalise


Sure, it’s fun to stay up ’til all hours watching back to back episodes of whatever rubbish TV show you became obsessed with over the break, but don’t you crave your routine?  Or at the very least, knowing what day of the week it is?

The kids are back in school

.  Santa Claus to turn on t Sasko Lazarov Sasko Lazarov

Again, they’re a delight, but they’re also hard work.

Your gaff seems big and clean without the Christmas decorations


Taking them down is a nightmare, but afterwards it’s like your place got a facelift.  Everything seems cleaner and bigger!

You can start thinking about the summer

festivals Facebook Facebook

Festival acts are starting to be announced, and everyone’s booking summer holidays.  There’s loads to look forward to! (Once you’ve dealt with your overdraft, of course.)

The same films won’t be on repeat on every TV channel all day every day


Listen, we all love Sister Act 2 and Indiana Jones, but there are only so many times you can watch them.

The days of ‘grand stretch’ have begun

grand stretch Flickr / Infomatique Flickr / Infomatique / Infomatique

The days are getting brighter and longer and it won’t be too long before we start talking about ‘good drying weather’.

You can put the Rennie away for a while

rennie-peppermint-lg Rennie Rennie

Heartburn, begone!  No more wondering if they really mean it when they say the maximum dose is 11 per day.

‘Taking it easy’ has never been easier, or more appealing

Lazy bum, she loves to sleep. - Imgur Imgur Imgur

You’re wrecked and broke, but the good news is that everyone else is too, so you won’t have to deal with any FOMO while staying home and working on your relationship with your couch.

You’re ready for it


As much as you probably feel like you’re not, let’s be honest, you couldn’t have handled much more Christmas festivities, could you?

It’s time, friends.  It’s time.

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