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# High Court
Offaly distillery challenges Revenue's refusal to grant tax relief on alcohol used to make hand sanitiser
The hand sanitiser was used at hospitals, and Revenue’s refusal meant the distillery was liable for €2.1 million.
# reynolds ruin
Diageo to buy Ryan Reynolds-backed gin brand Aviation in €513 million deal
Reynolds will retain a stake in the gin brand as part of the acquisition.
FSAI issues guidance on gin production following concerns that 'fake gin' is being sold
There are around 50 different gin brands produced in Ireland, according to the FSAI.
# Inch Distillery
Gin distillery in Dublin will be allowed sell gin to people on factory tours, court rules
Prior to the introduction of the Intoxicating Liquor Act last year craft distilleries and breweries were unable to sell alcohol to people touring their premises.
# Cheers
Most Dublin pubs expect to grow in 2019 as gin trend continues, but they're worried about Brexit
Publicans are also concerned about the impact of the recent increase in VAT.
# Mix it up
Settle this once and for all. What's the absolute best gin mixer?
I recently discovered gin and ginger and will never look back.
# rolling over
Gin-infused doughnuts are coming to Dublin, but are they any use?
Hook it to my veins.
# Gintastic
Galway is getting its very own gin parlour with over 500 types of gin
They have gin lamps, a gin bible and and gin vases.
# high spirits
Why Irish distillers are sure the world is yet to hit 'peak gin'
The local industry hopes to treble sales by 2022 – despite the already crowded market.
# drrrrrink
Barry's Tea have made their own gin, and we're extremely intrigued
It’s relevant to all of our interests!
# more gin
Aldi is selling baubles filled with gin to hang on your Christmas tree
But of course.
# work life balance
'I was losing my memory but still trying to work. Then I started coughing up blood'
As part of our How My Business Works series, we profile the Offaly firm behind Mór Irish Gin.
# IT Carlow
New course hoping to make most of brewing and distillery 'renaissance'
18 students will soon start the honours degree course, the first of its kind in Ireland.
# Cheers
Could Irish gin be the new Irish whiskey?
Ireland’s distillers are cashing in on the gin craze
# collagin and tonic
Important: the world's first 'anti-aging gin' is now available in Ireland
Say what now?
# just the tonic
The future of gin is safe after shortage of key ingredient is prevented
Warnings had been made that the juniper plant was at risk of going extinct.
# listoke distillery
Calling all gin lovers - a new 'gin school' has just opened up in Drogheda
Bottle your own brand of mascara-thinner.
# fake tan gin
A team on The Apprentice got relentlessly slagged for making 'orange, racist gin' last night
The gin was called Colony, for starters. *facepalm*
# the distillery
A 'gin hotel' is opening in London, AKA every gin-lover's dream come true
*boots up*
# open that door
9 fancy advent calendars you should treat yourself to for December
Who says kids get to have all the fun?
# gin baubles
People are going mad for these gin-filled Christmas tree baubles
Thank you Scotland.
# gin up
This Dublin restaurant just announced a bottomless gin brunch
Danger here.
# make it a double
People are going so crazy for gin that distillers are struggling to make it quick enough
The juniper-flavoured spirit is losing the reputation as “mother’s ruin”.
# sippin on gin
8 delights every gin lover has to sample in Dublin
# good spirits
Meet the new batch of distillers behind an Irish whiskey resurgence
The spirit has been going through a boom.
# whiskey business
This Dingle whiskey distillery is selling vodka and gin to help fund the business
You have to play the long game if you want to get into the whiskey business, which is why the Dingle Whiskey Distillery is thinking outside the box.
# gin up
10 things all gin lovers know to be true
“Gin and tonic sky, gin and tonic sky…”
# gin o'clock
Australian judge rules that 'gaping' chainsaw wound is no excuse for drink-driving
Just in case you were thinking of trying it out.
# gin
Here's what President Higgins and the Queen were REALLY thinking during the State Visit
David Cameron was thrown into Slytherin.
# high spirits
New whiskey distillery in Dingle to create 25 jobs
It will be the first purpose built whiskey distillery in over 200 years in Ireland.
# High Life
Hard times: Sales in Dáil bars fell during 2009
Just as the economy began to bite, sales in the Dáil bar fell by just under 10 per cent. Not much Bass sold either…
# easy economics
A crash course in everything Economics – Part 2
Stephen Kinsella’s new book, QuickWin ECONOMICS, answers 100 questions you might have on the subject. In this excerpt: What happens to demand for gin when the price of tonic changes?