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A girl was forced to miss a school test because her outfit was 'too distracting'

“She told me she’d rather me completely miss the test than distract the boys from doing well on theirs.”

A 16-YEAR-OLD GIRL is speaking out after being forced to leave a school test because her outfit was deemed ‘distracting’.

CYnrYpvUEAI3T8P Source: Twitter/@schmidtler

Ash Schmidt from Utah was just about to begin her test when a hall monitor (a woman employed to keep order in the school’s corridors) pulled her aside to say she’d have to leave, because her outfit was “too distracting” for the boys in the class.

When I told her I was about to take a final she said that I couldn’t be in the room while the males in the class were taking the test because my outfit would cause them to be unfocused.
She told me that she’d rather me completely miss the test than distract the boys from doing well on theirs. She basically said my education was less important than [the boys'].

She said her outfit was deemed inappropriate because her tights were not completely opaque and the hall monitor said you could see her legs.

I am a 16-year-old girl; to me, legs are just simply legs. Am I the only one who finds it insulting that middle-aged women are sexualising teenage girls’ bodies?

Ash posted her account of the incident on Twitter, where it has garnered over 27,000 retweets since last week, along with lots of messages of support:

ashschmidt2 Source: Twitter

ashschmidt Source: Twitter

ashschmidt3 Source: Twitter

The 16-year-old told Metro that she completed the test after her parents came to the school with a change of clothes for her – and got “one of the highest percentages in the class”.

She’s planning on submitting a complaint to the school, but says she’s happy that so many people joined her in disbelief.

It’s really wonderful that a lot of people were standing behind me. I still have got a lot of hate from people saying I’m ugly, but with all the support I’ve received, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.

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