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18 truly precarious struggles every gal will recognise

“Will I be stuck in this sweaty sports bra forever? Maybe.”

1. Walking on cobblestones in heels

2. Sitting down in a pair of particularly tight Spanx

3. Getting stuck in a top/dress in a changing room, and wondering if this is the end

4. Finishing up at the gym only to begin the second workout that is peeling off a sweaty sports bra

tumblr_mhnr57ypjz1rmzrqmo1_500 Source: faze

5. Cutting the back of your ankle while shaving and watching it bleed and bleed and bleed

6. Bikini waxes

7. Buttoning freshly washed skinny jeans

8. Burning your ear/hand/face with your straightener

tumblr_inline_mh19khzMm21ruz9j7 Source: Tumblr

9. Misguidedly wearing new flats that tear up your feet, meaning each step you take is agony

10. Peeling your sweaty bare legs off a plastic seat

11. Tearing off a nose pore strip

12. Feeling your bra elastic slowly fuse with your skin over the course of a day and knowing you can do very little about it

ponytail Source: ifunny

13. Getting a headache from tying your ponytail too tight

14. Adopting extremely precarious positions in the shower to ensure the backs of your legs are shaved

15. Gritting your teeth while a hairdresser ‘gently’ combs your hair

16. Poking yourself in the eye with mascara and getting the Black Eye of Death

17. Getting stabbed in the boob by a rogue bra underwire

18. And feeling moody and sore for no reaso– oh wait, it’s just your period creeping up on you. AGAIN

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