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Sad goat ends hunger strike after being reunited with his donkey pal

Mr G the goat and Jellybean the donkey really are BFFs.

Poor old Mr G.
Poor old Mr G.

FRIENDSHIP ISN’T SOLELY reserved for us humans, y’know.

Take the tale of this donkey and goat, who really are Best Friends For Life.

Mr G the goat and Jellybean the donkey were separated for the first time in their lives after being moved to different animal shelters in California.

Local news station KTVU reports that for six days after he moved to his new home, Mr G refused to eat and lay in the corner of his stall, depressed.

The staff at the shelter offered him treats like sweet grain and apples, but nothing worked.

donkeyandgoat Source: Youtube

After a thorough medical check revealed Mr G was completely healthy, staff decided to reunite him with Jellybean.

As soon as the donkey arrived at the shelter, the goat leapt from his bed in the stall and ran to the door to greet him.

Source: AnimalPlace/YouTube

The pair are now happily sharing a pen, and Mr G is once again eating his dinners.

*wipes away tears* Beautiful. Just beautiful.

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