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This guy just found out he was going to be a Dad after 17 years of trying

And his reaction is so sweet.

DANA GRIFFIN-GRAVES AND her husband Arkell have been trying to have a baby for 17 years now, and they finally succeeded.

Dana uploaded the moment she told Arkell the good news – and it’s blown up online.

She placed some buns in the oven along with the ultrasound picture she had just received

oven1 Source: YouTube

Arkell couldn’t believe it, so he asked her “are you pregnant?”

oven2 Source: YouTube

Repeatedly asking her, he then did this little dance

oven3 Source: YouTube

“Guess how far along I am? 19 weeks – almost five months.” Dana said

oven4 Source: YouTube

And Arkell wept with joy

oven5 Source: YouTube

There is somebody chopping onions across the internet right now.

Congrats, guys:

Source: Dana GG/YouTube

hat-tip: Buzzfeed

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