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11 things nobody ever tells you about going to college

The printers = your new enemy.

1. The people you meet in Freshers’ Week will become your best friends…

… for about ten minutes.

Best Buds Imgur Imgur

2. Then they become the people you end up avoiding for four years

Ducking around corners, scooching down in your chair in lectures, making elaborate excuses not to go for a pint or come over to view their agar plate collection…


3. There’s a thing called a Colours Night

Where everybody wears their county jersey and tries to score.

Bonus: Someone might bring a tin of beans to the Colours Night:


4. You will join approximately 17 societies in your first week

One of them will almost certainly be trampolining. Frisbee is also a strong possibility.

More than likely will never ever have any interaction with them again.

Timeline Photos - Official GMIT Trampolining & Tumbling | Facebook Facebook Facebook

5. Don’t be the post-exam ‘HOW DID YOU DO? WHICH ONES DID YOU ANSWER?’ guy

You know the guy. He comes out after the exam gasbagging about which ones he answered and how “crap” he did.

He makes this face when you reveal how you answered questioned 7:


6. The food is all beige

Chips, sausages, rolls, various meats swimming in McDonnells Curry Sauce, Pot Noodles, crisps.

Beige is now your life. Bring on the scurvy.

jitQnEHFLfru4G-640m Urbancdn Urbancdn

7. The scourge of group projects

Never again in your life will you feel so much simultaneous homicidal rage and helplessness.

Never gonna give you up Imgur Imgur

8. You can spend three months working on an essay, but you will still stay up until 5.37am the morning it’s due

You will then brag about how late you stayed up. It’s the law.

giphy Giphy Giphy

9. If you make one solid and useful contact within your institution of choice, make it the person responsible for maintaining the printers

Befriend them, buy them presents, compliment their sartorial choices. They are your lifeblood.

4f03c1871861333a84000bda Ragecomics Ragecomics

10. The Harvard Referencing System

Embrace it. Learn it. Love it.

harvard Mycit Mycit

11. The bus back to Dublin/Cork/Galway on a Sunday evening will be heavy with the smell of raw sausages and tears

Laden down with the contents of your mother’s fridge you head back to the big smoke. Who knows when you will see mam and dad again?


(You’ll see them in two weeks, when you go back for more sausages)

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