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13 questions the world wants to know about Ireland

And so they asked Google.

WE’VE PROMPTED GOOGLE.COM with various questions about Ireland, to find out what information people want to know about our little country.

Stuff like…

Why is Ireland so…



We’ve got the North Atlantic Drift to thank for that. It brings the warm waters of the Gulf Stream in our direction and gives us a relatively mild climate, considering our little isle’s location.

Gap of Dunloe, County Kerry, Ireland Source: Jackie L Chan



File Pics COFFEE giant Starbucks is to open in the former Anglo Irish Bank headquarters on St Stephen Source: /Photocall Ireland


We’re assuming the majority of the “why is Ireland so rich?” questions were asked circa 2000, when the Celtic Tiger was roaring. Sniff.

casper_gif__1__i_remember__by_littleclover16-d6p87u4 Source: deviantART


Where do we start?

The history of Ireland’s religion stretches from before St Patrick, through the Vikings and the Normans, the Reformation, the Protestant ascendancy, Catholic Emancipation to today, when Roman Catholicism remains Ireland’s dominant faith.

Things aren’t going that great these days though:


Why is Ireland not…


…in the World Cup?

This is a very difficult question for us. Best ask this guy. He always seems to have all the answers.

RTE Radio Announcements Source: Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland

Let’s just remember the good times.


…part of the United Kingdom?

Simply put, Ireland and the United Kingdom mainland are separate sovereign states. We don’t know why this is so hard to understand. THEY’RE SEPARATED BY A SEA!

(Ok, maybe the whole ‘United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland thing is confusing. We’ll grudgingly accept that. And then there’s the whole ‘British Isles’ debacle)

330px-British_Isles_terms Source: Wikimedia

…in FIFA?



When is Ireland’s…


…summer? Winter? Rainy season? 

We don’t understand. Is there a distinction between these things?

Being from Ireland, this is me in the mornings before I go to check the weather. - Imgur Source: Imgur

…independence day? 

They show it on RTÉ One every Fourth of July. Rousing stuff.

Why can Ireland…


…vote in the Eurovision? 

You bite your tongue and pray to St Logan!

Johnny Logan - Eurovision. Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

(As for ‘Why can’t Amazon ship to Ireland?’; that’s a little dramatic. A lot of Amazon sellers ship to Ireland)

Why can’t Ireland…


There is nothing Ireland can’t do!


victory-o Source: Gifsoup

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