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Definitive proof that everything is better with googly eyes

Prepare to be dazzled.

THE HYPOTHESIS IS simple.  That everything can be improved with a simple pair of googly eyes.

The proof is undeniable:





Via Googly Eye Books

Pre-packaged cookies

739ecd7c352f11e38ee722000ab68bbe_7 Source: Instagram/skates_sideways

 Salt and pepper shakers:

66a2ae4e347711e388fb22000ae911cc_7 Source: Instagram/alinalovesbuffy

Adult drinks:

vodka Source: Instagram/bonniegrrl


3c48ff10245d11e3900c22000a1fb715_7 Source: Instagram/kenderrah


1b27d4ce14bc11e3a74122000aeb10b1_7 Source: Instagram/drbonko

 Office equipment:

50dde81411b611e3989522000a9f3c91_7 Source: Instagram/rhapsodyinpink

So I bought 100 googly eyes from eBay! - Imgur Source: Imgur

Fruit and veg:

6ecf439e11b211e3870622000ae80ca3_7 Source: Instagram/seecat42

7d4f60e811a811e387a122000ae90f87_7 Source: Instagram


Tried to put googly eyes on my dog... - Imgur Source: Imgur

Toy boxes:

bfXxA Source: Imgur

Nappy boxes:

Best Application of Googly Eyes - Imgur Source: Imgur


Put some googly eyes on my pregnant wife's belly. Result- complete success. - Imgur Source: Imgur


Apparently putting googly eyes on the portrait of Jesus my parents have is not funny and blasphemous. - Imgur Source: Imgur

Shop signs:

A mysterious guest has been adding googly eyes to various signage around the store. This time s/he hit the pet aisles. - Imgur Source: Imgur


bbe5f_googly-eye-downton-abbey Source: Edith with googly eyes

Googly eyes make everything better! - Imgur Source: Imgur


Bought these googly eyes not thinking I'd ever use them - Imgur Source: Imgur

I put giant googly eyes on my fridge thinking it would be funny... Now I just feel like it's judging my eating habits. - Imgur Source: Imgur

And politics

Googly eyes make everything better - Part 1 - Imgur Source: Imgur

So there you have it.  Definitive proof that everything is better with googly eyes.  QED.

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