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Here's what a marriage proposal is meant to look like

Or rather, what some really excellent marriage proposals look like.

AT THIS POINT, you will be familiar with the horror that was the proposal which took place during last night’s Rose of Tralee.

The couple involved insist that they are delighted with the turn of events, but the look on poor Molly Molloy Gambel’s face would indicate that it might not have been exactly what she wanted.

It’s an awful shame, because a proposal really is an opportunity to share a magical moment, and there aren’t too many of those in our modern lives.

So, lest you find yourself sinking into the mirk of a proposal like poor Kyle’s, here is what a proposal is meant to look like.

If you like children’s books…

You could always write and design a childrens book, have it printed and then plant it in the local library for your partner to find.  Like this guy did!

Full book here, he’s also answered questions about the proposal on Reddit.

If you want to spice up your commute…

Lucy Rogers was on the Tube home from work when the whole train carriage started singing Bill Withers’ Lovely Day.

It wasn’t until her boyfriend appeared that she realised that it was all for her.


If you’re a Trekkie


If you’re into lip dubs…

Not everyone is, y’know.

YouTube/Isaac Lamb

If you’re into whales…

After playing with the whales for half an hour, the trainer had me throw out a box. The whale brought the box back to my girlfriend.
When she opened it, there was a note inside that said, “Will you marry me?” The ring was on a lanyard I wore around my neck the whole time.


If you like doing stuff online…

…you could just design a website which would pop the question for you (and film the reaction of course).


If you like board games…

She started drawing and we all started guessing. I was already on my knee and had the ring hidden in my hand. As she drew, I shouted out a lot of fake guesses like “ring!”, “propose!”, “marry!”, “getting engaged!” — I wanted her to work for it. Finally when the moment was right, I shouted “MARRY ME!” and she said “yeah!” excited that I had finally guessed it.
Then I looked at her, held out the ring, and calmly said, “Will you marry me?” She was equal parts shocked and confused and it took her a good few seconds to realize what was happening.


If you’re mad for the cinema…


If you like arcade games…


If you’re into astronomy…


If you’re Harry Potter fans…


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