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10 struggles you'll only understand if you're in a group chat

*bzzt* *bzzt* *bzzt*

FUNNY HOW WHAT is probably the most popular way of communicating is completely inefficient, isn’t it?

1. Feeling your phone buzzing away happily in your pocket, but you’re not able to look at it

tumblr_nuav28cYx31txfen3o1_500 Source: Tumblr

Pretty rude of your mates to chat when they know you can’t text at work, TBH.

2. When they completely ruin your beautiful, notification-free home screen

So ugly :(

3. Having to set aside at least five hours to catch up on what everyone’s been saying

CdSj0gXVAAALs3I Source: Twitter/@maddie_elise87

Ah, I see you’ve all been collaborating on a novel since I’ve been offline.

4. But no one is EVER online when you’re up for a chat

giphy Source: Giphy


5. When two members of the group have a little conversation all to themselves, spamming you with notifications all the while


Cease and desist.

6. Group chats are TERRIBLE for organising stuff on, yet that’s all you seem to do

“So Brian can do Tuesday and Wednesday but not Friday. Amy can do Wednesday and Monday but not Tuesday, Catriona can only meet at exactly 9.15pm on nights when the moon is full…”

7. Seeing your message has been read, but no one has responded

giphy Source: Giphy

Heartbreaking, especially if you asked an important question or made a very good joke.

8. The very real possibility that you’ll text the wrong group chat

giphy Source: Giphy

9. Your phone memory is completely taken up with screenshots and saved Whatsapp pics

CeV_tnDXEAAsjsm Source: Twitter/@CassieShadbolt

The needs of the group come first. Your personal photos and memories are secondary.

10. And trying to sleep when the group chat is in full flow, which we all know now is impossible

anigif_enhanced-24393-1410794266-8 Source: Buzzfeed

Bzzt. Bzzt. Bzzt. Do you mute and potentially miss the craic, or get a good night’s sleep? (Choose the craic. Every time.)

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