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#GrowingUpGay is trending in Ireland and it's funny and heartbreaking

“Why don’t you have a girlfriend yet?”

THE HASHTAG #GrowingUpGay is one of the top trends on Twitter in Ireland and worldwide this morning as people share their experiences of, well, growing up gay.

The results are heartbreaking, funny, eye-opening and all very real…

When your family’s on your back

“When a family member asks if you have a girlfriend”:


When your friends don’t get it

When nobody gets it

When they REALLY don’t get it

When your heart is broken

Really broken

When you’re always hiding

When your momma checking ya phone and you forgot to delete pictures of naked men:

naked Source: @legendfenty

When you’re hard on yourself

When you’re full of hope

And a little lust

And when somebody gets it

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