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17 signs you're finally becoming grown up with cash

Look at you, doing the Big Shop.

Socks by Richard James Source: The Next Web

1. You truly mean it when your mam asks you what you want for Christmas or your birthday and you say “nice socks”. Nice socks aren’t cheap you know?

2. Same goes for “shower gel”, “a duvet cover” or indeed “nothing really”, because hasn’t your mam given you enough over the years?

3. (Although nothing beats a few bob to help with the car insurance/briquette budget/mini break to Prague)

4. This:

5. Yes you will take those tokens for a reduced price Pyrex dish in Tesco, thank you very much. Such good quality and value

6. You don’t know anyone who still has a pay-as-you-go phone, and if you do, you think they probably need to cop on a bit

7. Although you do sometimes long for the days of a pay-as-you-go phone because at least then you could control your spending or maybe con your dad into a spot of €20 credit

8. You’ve paid your car tax all in one go at least once (and told at least four people about it)

9. You know, three takeaways a week really does add up. God bless the Big Shop and it’s endless potential

Tesco trolleys Source: markhillary

10. You might not have managed to stick to a budget yet, but by God have you thought about while counting 5c pieces for a Dominos meal deal

11. Storage heaters have been eating enough of your money in shitty apartments for years, and you never got even one iota of useful heat out of them. You will never settle for less than ‘central heating’  on Daft again!

12. Maybe you should probably look into saving a deposit for a house. People keep posting pictures of keys on Facebook and they’re making you nervous

Keys Source: Modern Relics

13. “Sure will we just get a bottle” is really more financially astute than 9 glasses of wine

14. You’ve just found out how much your bank is diddling you for in charges and you’re CHANGING TO PERMANENT TSB one of these years

15. You have considered paying more than €8 for a frying pan, and did you know you can actually buy new shower curtains, with money? You don’t have to keep the same one for 7 years?

16. You allow shop assistants to tap your contactless card with a benign wave of the hand that makes you feel like you just won the Euromillions

17. You really should start doing the Euromillions, actually.

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