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13 struggles anyone who grew up with braces will relate to
The wax. It does NOTHING.

1. Being told you were getting braces and thinking “AH FOR GOD’S SAKE”

One Direction CD signing - New York Charles Sykes / PA Wire Charles Sykes / PA Wire / PA Wire

At best, you were concerned about them cramping your style. At worst, you were upset because you already had glasses and really, they were enough to worry about.

2. Having to sit for hours* with this disgusting concoction in your mouth

Maxillary-Tray-Filled-with-Alginate Askanorthodontist Askanorthodontist

*OK, minutes. But the longest minutes of your life. Would this be the time you choked to death? Who knew!

3. Not being able to eat solid food for ages after getting them tightened

When it got to two days and you started worrying that something was terribly wrong:

e12 Know Your Meme Know Your Meme

4. And when you could eat again, being SUPER conscious of food getting stuck in there

tumblr_lmpj0hwqla1qj0zk3o1_500 Perezhilton Perezhilton

You ate with your hand in front of your mouth AND sprinted to the bathroom after to check every bracket.

5. Being forbidden certain foods, but eating them anyway out of spite

It was worth having to pick Doritos out of your brackets for days after. It was!

6. When they gave you a little tub of wax, like it would solve all your problems

#wax #braceswax I hate it and love it and #chapstick are my best friends right now don't know why I suffered this week having so many of these what a relief Instagram / msanaysiriani1985 Instagram / msanaysiriani1985 / msanaysiriani1985

*puts a bit of wax on a bracket*
*mouth is still a painful mess*

Great solution, thanks a mil.

7. And these elastics, which you regularly found scattered all over the house

I took the pain just to give you my sweetest smile, char! Instagram / banonay Instagram / banonay / banonay

8. Straight up lying to your orthodontist about wearing them because they’re too much trouble

Let’s be real – who has the time or the patience.

9. Being stabbed in the cheek by an overlong wire


10. And getting these ‘spacers’ in to make room for your soon-to-be perfect teeth


Pain. Pain like no other.

10. Hearing horror stories about people getting in trapped in braces mid-shift

post-49036-katy-perry-geek-video-smile-gi-NFfG Pandawhale Pandawhale

That could happen to you! If you ever managed to get the shift, that is.

11. Trying to smile without teeth for photos

You’re all like:

spiderman Pinterest Pinterest

12. Thinking you were finally free once you got them off…

Hello everyone, have you seen my beautiful teeth? Gaze upon them!

13. But realising you were very wrong

Retainer Wikimedia Wikimedia


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