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The #GrowingUpIrish hashtag expertly captured everyone's childhood

Too much nostalgia to handle.

TRYING TO SUM up an Irish childhood might seem like hard work, but the good people of Twitter took over the place with the #GrowingUpIrish hashtag tonight.

And the results were brilliantly accurate:

They covered every topic

You learned that move from an early age.

The standard summer holiday

fatherted Source: FatherTed/Twitter

This mortifying ritual

Plenty of this – no harm*

*well, actually, maybe some harm.

Every Irish child’s nemesis

The highlights of your Sunday

The fabled backseats

Always leaving with a sneaky tenner

The cure all

Even better than flat 7Up.

When will this noble sport take its rightful place in the Olympics?

The mating ritual of the Irish school disco

This ringing endorsement

Hysterical, but also correct to be worried

This sign of the apocalypse

Which is slightly ironic because now you can’t get enough of the place.

This truth that hits home for many

What else would they be wearing?

And finally, this killer school move

floral Source: Textureking/Twitter


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