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This guy's standoff with a spider hanging out in his bathroom is tense as hell
The usual warnings apply for people who don’t like spiders, of course.

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ALL ARACHNOPHOBES have experienced that sick sense of dread when they notice a spider lurking in the shadows.

YouTuber fezbeast found a giant wolf spider in his shower, and immediately knew what he had to do: GET IT OUT OF THERE.

He tries to reason with the spider.


He then tries a bigger cup.


Look at how fast it runs! We want to cry.

Eventually, when all seems lost, the impossible happens… (The following video contains some colourful language, as you may have guessed.)

fezbeast / YouTube

Is it on me? It feels like it’s on me.

The man with the longest penis in the world says it’s really not all that>

So who’s that woman singing the chorus of Maniac 2000?>

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