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Let's see if our 2018 predictions from a psychic chihuahua were right in the end
Spider did not manage to predict the snow, but he predicted basically everything else.
# ancient arachnid
Scientists have discovered a 100 million-year-old spider preserved in amber
Researchers say the arachnid, preserved with a tail, could be a “missing link”.
# nui galway
False widow spiders have invaded Ireland over the past 20 years, but what are the symptoms of a bite?
In 20 years, the false widow spider has invaded Ireland, one NUIG researcher said, with the highest number of them found in Dublin and Cork.
# Creepy Crawlies
For all the arachnophobes out there currently suffering through spider season
The hardest time of year for haters of the eight-legged freaks.
# spin doctors
Super-strong man-made spider silk could soon be used to repair spinal cords
The material is one of nature’s strongest materials but it’s notoriously hard to farm.
# eight legged freaks
14 struggles that are too real if you're f**king TERRIFIED of spiders
There are no pictures of scary spiders in this article, we promise.
Watch an entire family lose their minds over a poor unfortunate spider
# Take a Break
Take a break and watch this terrified Irish mammy battling a huge spider
The arachnophobes among us feel for her, but it’s still pretty hilarious…
# mammy vs spider
This Irish mam's epic battle with a huge spider is the funniest thing you'll see today
“I’ll get him with the vacuum cleaner! NO, HE’LL COME OUT OF IT!”
# not a good idea
Man tries to burn spider with a lighter... in a petrol station
The incident happened in Michigan over the weekend.
# eight legged freaks
This guy's standoff with a spider hanging out in his bathroom is tense as hell
The usual warnings apply for people who don’t like spiders, of course.
# Home invasion
Here's why massive spiders are invading Irish homes right now
Is it on me? I think it’s on me.
# practical joke
Ex-Chelsea striker puts a spider down his team-mate's back
That’s just cruel from Franco di Santo.
# incy wincy spider
Every arachnophobe will sympathise with this woman's reaction to seeing a spider
“Pick him up and flush him.”
# daw
It's time you met the Sparklemuffin spider
Ah would ya look.
# false widow
If you find one of these things... DON'T PANIC
False Widow Spiders are now well established in Ireland and do not pose much danger.
# incy wincy
This footage of a warehouse spider invasion is some major nightmare fuel
# spider's web
Singer Katie Melua had this spider living in her ear for an entire week
All of the nopes.
# crying wolf
This wolf spider carrying haul of babies on its back is all of your worst nightmares combined
Nope nope nope nope nope, NOPE.
# Something on your Ed
This politician got well and truly photobombed by a spider on live TV
Ed Balls was oblivious to the spider stealing the show…
# Arachnophobia
Oh, just a video of a girl with a LIVE GIANT SPIDER IN HER MOUTH
Here’s that nightmare you’ve been waiting for.
# web of violence
'Spiderman of South Anne Street' fights off determined attacker at Gotham Café
Things got a bit strange in Dublin city centre this afternoon.
# kill it with fire
Woman sets her house on fire while trying to kill a spider
Makes total sense.
# bee safe
Bumblebee comes to the rescue of another bee caught in a spider's web
He aint’ heavy…
Man of steel gets rid of massive spider by letting it crawl up his FACE
That’s how they do things in Australia.
# aaaargh
How NOT to deal with a spider in the bath
Do not, under any circumstances, do this.
# rain of terror
Weather forecaster terrified by on-camera giant spider
Today will bring showers with intervals of AARGH GIANT BUGS.
# ultimate buzz
VIDEO: Anderson Silva breaks our hearts with this emotional hospital visit
THE UFC star paid a visit to a wheelchair-bound fan and gave him some words of encouragement.
# Fail
VIDEO: How not to kill a spider in your bathroom
That is, if you still want your bathroom to have walls.