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This guy listed his failures and flaws on his CV -- and it totally worked

Well, that’s one way to make an impression.

the+relevant+résumé+-+Jeff+Scardino+ Jeff Scardino Jeff Scardino


Scardino has had a successful career in advertising and the likes, having worked in some of the top agencies in New York.

But did he big himself up on his CV? Oh no.

Instead, he has created something called a “relevant resume” whereby he lists his failures, regrets and the times he messed up.

Like the time he didn’t spend time with his friends in college because he took on too much course work.

ohio Jeff Scardino Jeff Scardino

Or when he failed to achieve any of his goals.

honour Jeff Scardino Jeff Scardino

Or all the times he didn’t really accomplish all that much of note during his time at an agency.

ogil Jeff Scardino Jeff Scardino

Scardino claims that there was method to his madness and states that he netted far more responses when he sent his “honest” CV compared to when he sent his usual CV.

scardino Jeff Scardino / Vimeo Jeff Scardino / Vimeo / Vimeo

One respondent wrote, “I have never received a resume like yours. I see hundreds of resumes a year so it was refreshing to see someone take a different approach. I’ve been passing it around the office, and everyone is dying to meet you.”

Now Scardino has created a template for jobseekers looking to make an impression with their CV.

The relevant résumé is the first résumé that sets you apart by showing off your failures — because your failures say more about you.

Certainly makes a change from the old, “I would say that my main weakness is that I work too hard” spiel.

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