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8 amazing Vines to celebrate the app's first birthday

Who knew six seconds could be so magical?

IT’S BEEN ONE year since the world was introduced to Vines, six second videos filmed by users around the world.

When people get them right, they have the ability to be absolutely hilarious.

Here’s what people are getting up to.

Doing hilarious things with their dogs

Source: Vineology

Scaring other people

Source: Twitter Vines (LMFAO Vines)

Recording sassy children singing Beyoncé songs

Source: Shaheryar KhanVEVO

Doing more funny things with their dogs

Source: VineExperience

Capturing moments with children who really feel the music

Source: MakeYouLaughTV

People catching moments of unusual behaviour

Source: VineUploads

Creative parenting

Source: BatDad Vine

And life’s little mishaps

Source: VineCreative

Happy birthday Vine! Here’s to you!

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