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The 25 Hardest Things About Living In Ireland

Honours maths, anyone?

1. This makes headline news

X0U7Axk Source: Imgur

2. You’re not allowed to not drink tea

tea (1)

3. People don’t ‘trust you’ if you don’t drink alcohol

LBRBRat Source: Imgur

4. The rain. The interminable rain

Winter weather Feb 14th Source: PA Wire/Press Association Images

5. The rain leading to people interminably saying “it would be a grand little country if only you could put a roof on it”


6. The consistent treachery of the Ireland football team

We can’t keep dining out on Italia ’90 and that goal against Italy in ’94 indefinitely.


7. Ditto Eurovision

The glory days of Johnny, Linda and Niamh are long gone.

whyme-2-390x285 Source: Thejournal

7. People not knowing that Ireland isn’t part of Great Britain or the United Kingdom

8. Public transport schedules are usually just a suggestion


9. Not being able to tell  Lidl and Aldi apart

cutter Source: Shutterstock.com

10. Rampant toplessness on a sunny day

Good Sunny Weather Heatwaves Source: Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland

Warm weather Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

11. Dog shite everywhere

A sign in a Park in Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland - Imgur Source: Imgur

12. The roads

Only in Ireland... - Imgur Source: Imgur

14. Bono making  a show of us

Source: Michael Blatter/YouTube

15. Someone not lighting a candle for you

You know it’s stupid, but you have a sneaking suspicion that that’s why you got a D in French in your Inter.

Animacin7 Source: PhotoBucket

16. The Late Late Show

Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

insta-50 Source: Thejournal

17. Honours Maths

cc-attercop311-maths-2-390x285 Source: Thejournal

18. Superquinn RIP

At least we still have the sausages. What a time to be alive.

sausage-4-375x500-310x415 Source: Christina Finn

19. Edna Kenny

Our fearless leader.



20. Keeping the hot press tidy

This abyss of towels and pillow cases is every Irish person’s cross to bear.

IMG_1356 Source: BlogSpot

21. St Patty’s Day

It’s not going anywhere you know.

It's Saint Patrick's Day Not St Patty's Day ... Source: Facebook

22. These place names


Traffic alerts in Ireland - Imgur Source: Imgur

welcome to muff Source: Flickr

23. Other countries thinking this is our only traffic problem

Came across some traffic whilst going climbing in Ireland - Imgur Source: Imgur

24. The legacy of Bertie’s yellow trousers

Politics - G8 Summit - Georgia, USA Source: AP/Press Association Images

25. This

Scumbag ireland - Imgur Source: Imgur

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