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7 seriously silly things Irish people do in the sun

Let’s face it – life is different in the summertime.

IRISH PEOPLE LOSE the run of themselves when the sun peeks its head out.

Caution is thrown to the wind, good times abound and we all wave a firm goodbye to anything serious.

1. This make-shift pool

Genius. Actual, undeniable genius. Bravo.

Imgur Imgur

2. A BBQ seeming like a good idea – no matter WHAT

You’re having those burgers, and nothing is going to stop you once the sun comes out.

thefw.com thefw.com

3. Have ice cream for dinner

Or breakfast, lunch AND dinner – if we thought we’d get away with it. The sun makes us all absolutely desperate for an refreshing ice lolly or a creamy cone. We can bid goodbye to the broccoli for just one day, surely?

joyreactor.com joyreactor.com

4. Get “interesting” tan lines

You’re stuck with that now til the next blast of sunshine, and this being Ireland, that isn’t predicted until 2017.

terribletan Dr Heckle Dr Heckle

5. Have epic water fights

One from childhood – pelting your friends or siblings with water balloons, or dousing them with the hose, or shooting them with a water-gun, if you were especially fancy.

Imgur Imgur

6. “This is it now”

And of course, it couldn’t be Ireland in the sun without incessant discussions of how long the sun will hold for. Every stop-and-chat you do in town is filled with warnings to “enjoy it while it’s here” and prayers that it’ll “stick around for the weekend”.

theattractivearts.com theattractivearts.com

7. Tops off!

When the sun appears in Ireland, it brings warmth and sunshine and light, as we all know. However, another little-known effect of the sun is its magnetic influence on men’s tops. Straight off, no messin’.

Sasko Lazarov / Photocall Ireland Sasko Lazarov / Photocall Ireland / Photocall Ireland

Let’s face it – an Irish summer isn’t a guaranteed thing. But one thing you can always rely on, rain or shine, is an ice cream straight from the freezer making any kind of day a whole lot better. We promise. Find out more at HB’s Facebook page. Goodbye serious!

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