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bop to the top

9 reasons why High School Musical was every 00s teen's guilty pleasure


TEN YEARS AGO today, Disney Channel’s High School Musical became a global phenomenon.

You couldn’t turn right without seeing Zac Efron’s face plastered on a pencil case or a school bag, but it was a difficult time for those outside of its target market.

You see, some people believed that HSM was ‘lame’ and ‘for children’, and they made it hard for the rest of us to just relax and enjoy the PG-friendly ride the film was taking us on.

Now, ten years on, we want to reassure you that there is absolutely no shame in loving High School Musical.

1. OK, it’s a kids’ film

hsmposter Wikia Wikia

So what? Toy Story is a kids’ film, and no one cares if adults watch that.

2. And yes, you slagged it off at every opportunity

Even though it pained your heart to do so.

Mine Ak / YouTube

3. In the privacy of your own home, however, it was a different story

Troy-Bolton-Breaking-Free Disney Disney

In school: “High School Musical is SO stupid. It’s for BABIES.”
Gets off the school bus: “WE’RE BREAKING FREE-EE!”

4. And that’s because Zac Efron was a BABE*

Kids Choice Awards Arrivals AP / Press Association Images AP / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

*At least, that’s the reason you gave yourself for watching it.

The piercing blue eyes, the voice, the helmet-hair that was so hot at the time – you were definitely watching for Zac (or his co-star, Vanessa Hudgens), and not because…

5. The songs were amazing

So. Damn. Catchy.

anigif_original-2232-1435611151-4 Buzzfeed Buzzfeed

Breaking Free was the big one, but the power of Bop To The Top and Get Your Head In The Game cannot be denied.

6. The film had a really ~good message~

It was about being true to yourself, as demonstrated in the banger that is Status Quo:

Jannie Hansen / YouTube

Ironically, you ignored this message when it came to admitting that your true self liked High School Musical.

7. And the choreography was surprisingly easy to learn

wereallinthistogether_zpsfe029b7a Photobucket Photobucket

If you had the Disney Channel, you probably watched the programmes solely dedicated to the dance routines from the film. It would have been rude not to.

8. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens’ real-life romance gave you strength, strength to belieeeeve

Premiere High School Musical 3 LA Chris Pizzello / PA Wire Chris Pizzello / PA Wire / PA Wire

TROY AND GABRIELLA IRL. FOREVER. (Or until they broke up 2010. Sob.)

9. And even now, you’re thinking about sticking on Breaking Free

Disney Channel Sverige / YouTube

Press play. Do it. For old times’ sake. We’re soaring, flyyyying…

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This cat is the spitting image of Kylo Ren from Star Wars>

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