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13 dedicated hipsters who need to stop what they're doing immediately

Please cease and desist with the penny-farthings.

UGH. HIPSTERS ARE so mainstream these days. They must diversify, go deeper.

These have broken off from the posers and are hardcore hipster, we’re just not sure if we can allow it.

It’s too much.

1. This guy, who’ll let you pick a subject and price and give you a poem in return

oSAWmb7 Source: Imgur

2. The King hipster, just getting from A to B

That’s one sweet retro soundsystem-transport hybrid.

sNYqvAG Source: Imgur

3. This guy

iPods? Never heard of em.

N8tuG Source: Imgur

4. This dude, just writing his indie novel outside the best secret coffee place in town

ryktw Source: Imgur

5. UGH the iPhone is way too convenient as is

SvCLitP Source: Imgur

6. These hipster microbes, living on Earth before it was all the rage

CwVrp Source: Imgur

7. The owner of this appallingly impractical device

You feel so hip though.

8M20226 Source: Imgur

8. This casual hobbyist, spinning some yarn in her downtime

How does she carry that around? It’s just a back problem waiting to happen.

LcpRBZC Source: Imgur

9. The person who left this outside to get their first-gen iPod fixed

B1olv Source: Imgur

10. Or the guy who wants you to know it’s his preferred mode of transport, while using another form of transport


EPnvIe1 Source: Imgur

11. This pair, who could genuinely be Amish or members of Mumford and Sons

Who can tell? And put on some shoes.

tGn7dLo Source: Imgur

12. Sick of wearing black frames without the lenses? Just tattoo them on your damn face

dmDsNXh Source: Imgur

13. This mum, who has brought her hipsterdom into parenthood

Buggy? Sure EVERYONE is using buggies these days

GH6msz7 Source: Imgur

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